Google Chrome for Windows

A very complete browser for your computer or smartphone

Google Chrome is the Internet browser with the largest number of users worldwide. It is part of Google’s application system and integrates this search engine and other online services that also depend on the technology giant and enjoy the preferences of Internet users, such as Gmail and Google Maps, among others. It can be used in computers, cell phones, and even some models of Smart TVs.

The main features of Google Chrome are its speed to open web pages and security in navigation, since it detects dangerous sites and prevents downloads that could pose a threat to the operation of the system. It also allows you to add plug-ins that improve the user experience on the Internet and has a function that allows you to transmit any of your tabs to a TV screen connected to a Chromecast. Finally, it has an incognito browsing mode, which protects the privacy of users by not saving searches or the history of web pages visited in the session to the hard drive.

Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome for iOS

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