How to check if a phone is new or refurbished

Easily check if your new phone is really new

Test to verify if a Samsung smartphone has been reconditioned

Sales of new items online is a business that encompasses all kinds of products, including smartphones. These are usually sold and delivered by telephone operators, department stores, and also by retail merchants. But there is never a lack of unscrupulous people trying to pass a used or refurbished phone as new, since in an online sale there is no way for the buyer to remove it from the shelf. For this type of situation, there is a mobile application that can tell us if the phone we have just unpacked is really new or original. It is called Phone Info SAM and is intended for users of Samsung phones.

The functions of Phone Info SAM include evaluations of the different components of the phone such as sensors or cameras; It also reports the current status of the phone, its IMEI number, the brand of the sound chip, firmware version, among others. But among all, it stands out, without a doubt, the counter of times that the headphones have been plugged in and its counter of battery charges, which are an indicator of the use that the mobile phone has really had. To make matters worse, it tells us if the phone is an original equipment or one that has been reconditioned or counterfeited. You can download it to your Samsung smartphone from the Google Play Store.

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