How to recover photos from a lost or formatted Xiaomi phone

Xiaomi smartphone showing the Google Photos app icon

The ease of taking photos with a smartphone means that hundreds or thousands of photos can be captured in relatively short periods. These contents are usually stored in the internal memory of the device to be played at any time later or shared through the usual means.

But like all information stored on a digital medium, it is exposed to accidental deletion as well as to formatting or loss of the medium that contains it. Faced with this eventuality, the only thing left is to try to recover it with the tools provided by the operating system that controls the phone.

Google Photos: A Cloud Backup Tool

In the particular case of the phones manufactured by Xiaomi such as the Redmi Note 10, Xiaomi 11 T or Poco X3 Pro models among others, its MIUI operating system, which is actually a customized version of the Android system, includes by default a tool in line known as Google Photos whose function is to make backup copies in the cloud of the user’s photos and videos.

Google Photos: how does it work?

Google Photos has a very simple operation. It synchronizes the photos and videos that the user captures in its space in the cloud and makes them accessible from any Internet browser.

In addition, it is active practically from the first use of the phone, since it depends on the same Google account with which you access other essential applications such as the Google Play Store. In this way, your content is protected against a serious failure of the internal system or loss of the device.

How to recover photos from Xiaomi with Google Photos

In order to recover your photos using Google Photos, enter from your computer’s browser and log in with the same Google account registered on your Xiaomi phone.

Right away, browse between its folders and download the material of your choice to your hard drive.

You can also view and download its content from a new iOS or Android phone, but in this case you must install the Google Photos application from the corresponding application store.


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