How to turn off safe mode on a ZTE phone

Safe mode is a feature of cell phones with the Android system, and particularly those manufactured by the ZTE company, that allows you to recover the normal operation of a device that has performance problems or unexpected shutdowns.

What this mode of operation does is boot the device with its basic features and factory pre-installed apps, excluding user-installed third-party apps. Its purpose is to identify and correct failures after making the necessary checks.

Safe mode on a ZTE phone is voluntarily activated by pressing the physical power button until the power off option appears. On this option you have to press and hold until the notification Restart in safe mode appears along with the option to confirm this action. At the next reboot, the legend Safe Mode will be visible on the screen.

However, it can also happen that the safe mode on the ZTE phone is activated unintentionally due to bad key manipulation, greatly limiting its operation. However, it is very easy to exit safe mode on a ZTE phone.

How to remove safe mode on your ZTE phone

Just turn the phone off as usual and turn it on. If this method does not work, press and hold the power key until the opinion to restart appears and proceed to carry out this operation. The next reboot will load all system components and user-installed applications.

Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

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