How to turn your Xiaomi phone into a universal TV remote control

If there is at least one television, sound equipment, air conditioning or lighting system in your home that is managed through a traditional remote control based on the infrared ray system, you should know what you suffer when these devices are lost. among the furniture, they run out of batteries or suffer damage due to intensive use.

One solution is to have a replacement original remote or purchase a universal remote control, a class of remote control devices that through a simple configuration are associated with a certain compatible device and replace the original remote control. However, there is another alternative that is within reach.

Use your phone as a universal TV remote control

This solution consists in using our Xiaomi smartphones. Indeed, this Chinese company usually equips its phones with infrared transmitters to be able to use them as remote controls.

In this case, simple programming is also necessary, but for this they have a native application called Mi Remote controller, which is installed as standard on Xiaomi, Poco and Redmi mobile devices, the latter two also manufactured by the same company.

How Mi Remote controller works

To use Mi Remote controller as a remote, just point your phone at the electronic device you want to control. The app will detect it and allow you to set it up as an alternate remote. Needless to say, the Mi Remote controller is also compatible with Xiaomi smart bulbs.

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