How To Use Strava on Your Galaxy Watch?

Strava is one of the main applications for monitoring physical activity from mobile devices equipped with GPS. Its free users or subscribers, generally runners or cyclists, measure their efforts and performance in each trip abroad or even in each virtual route made at home, since it is also connected with smart trainers, among other types of training devices. indoor.

However, there is a new way to record physical activity on Strava, and it is provided by Samsung’s Galaxy Watch watches. Indeed, Strava can be installed on a Galaxy Watch and save the metrics of each activity in its cloud, offering relevant data such as current speed, average speed, heart rate and activity time on the screen. In addition, the application automatically pauses when it detects a lack of activity, thus avoiding data distortion.

To obtain all this information from the wrist, it is enough to link the Galaxy Watch with the Strava service. We show you the steps to follow.

How to install Strava on the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

First, install Strava on your Samsung Galaxy Watch. Preferably do it from the Galaxy Store that works within the Galaxy Watch mobile application, once you have associated your smartphone with the watch.

Once this is done, open the Strava app on your watch and enter the four-digit code that is required to link the watch to your Strava account. To get this code, open your PC’s web browser and go to the following address:

Once the Samsung watch is linked to your Strava account, you will be able to use the app from that device. So you can know by looking at your wrist your speed or heart rate. At the end of the activity, the data will be synchronized in the Strava cloud and you can check it from any computer or device associated with your Strava user account.

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