Pirlo TV: why you shouldn’t use it!

Sports competitions that concern soccer, tennis, basketball or cycling always attract the attention of fans.

That is why there are specialized channels such as ESPN or Fox Sports that buy the transmission rights of the main events and transmit them through their own Internet portals and different legal cable or IPTV services spread all over the planet.

However, there are also websites that are responsible for pirating legal television signals through various techniques and retransmitting them via streaming.

Pirate websites to watch sports events for free

Among them are portals such as Rojadirecta, Tarjeta Roja and Pirlo TV, especially the latter, since it has different domains such as PirloTV.app, PlrloTV.mx. Pirlo TV.fr or PirloTV.cl with the same operating system.

In reality, what these illegal sites do is offer links to view these events from the browser.

But in exchange for having to endure countless pop-up windows that open automatically with the aim of offering advertising for online betting houses or dating sites, it is more dangerous to do it from the cell phone because they offer the link to malicious applications.

How to access Pirlo TV from your computer or phone

If you still want to live the experience of watching the competitions of the most important leagues without having to pay a penny for it and with the risk of installing dangerous applications on your computer, you just have to enter Google and do a search by entering the keywords “PirloTV” or “rojadirecta” to display the list of sites associated with these domains.

This applies equally to computers, cell phones, and smart TVs that have an Internet browser.

Image by Elias Schäfer from Pixabay

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