Play Store does not open on your Android phone?

What is the Play Store for?

The Google Play Store is one of the most important elements of the Android operating system. With it, it is easier to install applications published on this official platform on the terminal and, therefore, have passed Google’s security controls.

It is also the easiest way to purchase products marketed by Google such as music discs or movies. In addition, it has an additional function of great value: it allows you to check if the officially installed apps have pending updates. Something that also happens with Apple’s App Store and Microsoft Store.

That is why any problem with the Google Play Store prevents you from taking advantage of the equipment’s features and negatively affects the operation of the system in general.

What to do if the Play Store does not work?

The fact that the Google Play Store application does not open, does not finish loading or freezes, can be generated by multiple causes, so addressing each one of them is possible to solve the problem.

Below is a list of possible causes and their solutions.

A bad internet connection

Google Play Store is an online platform, so a poor internet connection could be the cause of its poor performance. Therefore, verify this aspect by checking that the Internet connection of your phone via mobile data or Wi-Fi is stable enough.

Low storage space on your phone

Lack of storage space is a problem that stems from carrying our collection of songs, movies, and recordings made with the device’s camera on our phone. This prevents the download of more applications and favors the crashes of the operating system including the Play Store application.

The solution is to free up internal memory space by moving your multimedia files to an SD card or uploading them to cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Box or Dropbox.

An Android system downgrade

A smartphone with its outdated operating system is prone to misbehavior and glitches like the ones that affect the native app store. To solve this problem, you don’t have to use any tricks, just check in the Settings> About phone section if there is any software update available. If the answer is positive, follow the instructions provided by the update wizard.

If the issue is still not resolved, try these tips.

Restart Play Store

Close and reopen the Google Play Store. If after performing this step it still doesn’t respond, restart your Android phone using the method recommended by the manufacturer. After the reboot check that the Google Play Store is working properly. Otherwise, go to the next step.

Uninstall Google Play Store updates and reinstall them

For this, go to Settings > Applications and select Google Play Store. On the Application Information screen, tap on the More options icon located at the top right of the screen.

Then select Uninstall updates. When asked if you want to restore the factory version, tap OK.

Clear the Google Play Services cache

Go to Settings > Apps and select Google Play Services. Tap Storage and then tap Clear cache. Then tap Clear storage (Manage space) > Clear all data and select OK.

Set up your Google account again

Remove your Google account and add it again. For this, go to Settings > Accounts and select Google. Next, click on the More options icon and select Remove account. After completing this step, add the account again.

It is recommended that you make a backup copy of your most relevant information before doing this procedure.

If after all this, the Google Play Store still does not respond, restore the terminal to its factory settings. Make a backup before completing this step.

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