Samsung phones secret codes

The screens that contain the menus with the basic options of a smartphone are usually easily accessible and are provided through its own operating system. However, there is a tendency for manufacturers to include hidden screens that display technical information and run diagnostic tests for advanced users, such as service personnel.

To make these hidden screens appear, they use a very simple method: dial certain codes through the phone’s call function. Many times they are universal codes such as the code *#06# that reveals the IMEI of any terminal, but on other occasions they are codes specific to each brand.

Samsung is one of the brands with the most hidden screens on its smartphones. That is why the list of codes is also more extensive. Here we show them to you and explain what their function is.

*#0228# : Battery status.
*#34971539# : Information about the camera firmware.
#0# : Test screen, speaker and other phone components.
*#1234# : Version of the AP, CP and CSC firmware files.
*#0808# : Advanced USB Settings
*#1111# : Service mode
*#0011# : Second service mode
*#06# : Universal code to see the IMEI, that is, it works on any phone.
*#31# : Call with a hidden number (depends on the operator or region).
To exit any of these screens you just have to press the button to go back.

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