What to do if your Xiaomi Poco X3 dropped in water

Xiaomi Poco X3

Despite all the protection and care accessories that we can lavish on our Poco X3 smartphone, they are almost never effective enough to protect them against an accidental fall into a pool or bathtub. That is, a complete immersion in water.

In this situation, the most important thing is to take a series of quick measures aimed at preventing the liquid spread by the internal electronic circuitry from causing irreversible damage. In the following lines we offer you a series of recommendations based on the experiences lived by people who went through the same situation and managed to solve the problem.

Turn off your phone

First of all, immediately take the equipment out of the water and turn it off.

If you can’t turn it off in the usual way, do a forced phone shutdown. For this, remove the SIM card and memory card.

Dry the outside of the case

Eliminates the liquid spread on the outside of the case. For this use a towel or absorbent paper. Complement this drying operation by applying the air of a hair dryer for a few minutes. But avoid shaking or shaking the device as it could cause the liquid to seep into the internal parts.

Put your phone in rice

Next, place the phone in a bowl of rice for 24 to 36 hours. Make sure it is completely covered with rice to extract as much moisture as possible.

After this period, try to turn it on. In case you cannot do it, go to the technical service center in order to repair some parts damaged by exposure to water.


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