Amazon Alexa for iPhone or iPad

Add devices to your Alexa account, create routines or phone other users for free.

Amazon Alexa is the app that allows you to configure, manage and control your electronic devices that integrate Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant. Thanks to Amazon Alexa you can add to your Alexa account, your smart devices compatible with its voice technology, as well as activate skills that allow them to perform better.

You can also use it to control them from anywhere via the Internet. From the app, it is also possible to edit routines that allow you to interact with your devices or services compatible with Alexa in a much more friendly or fun way.

Amazon Echo smart speaker next to the Fire TV Stick 4K remote control

Amazon Alexa also includes features for configuring the music and communication services offered by Amazon. It allows you to connect your Amazon Echo speakers to compatible streaming services (Spotify, TuneIn, Pandora), configure multi-stay music groups or define a preferred speaker for listening to music at home.

As for communications, it allows you to make calls and send messages for free from your mobile to other Alexa users anywhere in the world, connect Alexa with your Skype account to make voice calls or video calls with compatible devices or call using the function Drop In, which allows you to communicate with other rooms in your house where there is an Alexa compatible speaker.

Amazon Alexa for Android

Amazon Alexa app


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