Amazon Fire TV for Android

Use your phone as a remote control for the Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV is Amazon’s official mobile app that makes it easy to remotely manage your Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K devices. It is designed to offer a better experience with Amazon streaming players, as it contains functions that the original remote control does not include. These include a touch panel that allows better scrolling through the user interface, and a keyboard to enter commonly used texts such as user names and passwords.

On the other hand, the Amazon Fire TV application can also open the streaming services integrated in the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV stick 4K devices: YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, etc. In addition, thanks to the support for the Alexa assistant, it allows you to do voice searches and even control other devices compatible with Alexa technology from the application.

Download Amazon Fire TV for iPhone or iPad

Amazon Fire TV app interface

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