Avast Free Antivirus for Windows

Protect your PC with smart techniques that don’t slow it down.

Avast Antivirus Free is a very reliable and free security solution. This product intelligently scans your PC for malware, hidden programs, and common security problems. In addition, it keeps your PC in a safe state with its real-time protection function. It can block viruses and spyware, suspicious programs, as well as dangerous email attachments and downloads.

Its use is very simple and so is its interface. After installation, it is possible to run a computer scan for browser threats, outdated security programs, viruses and malware, and security issues related to the PC’s firewall, DNS attacks, and data hijacking. With one click you can erase all traces of malware on your PC and remove holes that allow new threats to enter.

WARNING: during the installation of Avast we recommend that you uncheck the box that authorizes the installation of Avast Secure Browser.


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