Badoo for Android

Meet new people online from your PC or smartphone.

What is Badoo?

Badoo is a social network created for members to meet new people in their area. It works from the web and on mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Badoo’s features for online dating

Badoo has several ways to get in touch with members, including the function People nearby, which shows profiles close to your location.

Another essential feature is Encounters, which allows voting for the liked profile while navigating between different ones. If two users express a mutual attraction (Matched), both will be notified and will be able to communicate straight away.

How to start using Badoo?

To start using Badoo you just need to download its application and create a user account. This requires providing an email address (or cell phone number) and a profile photo. From there, you can send messages to other users, explore profiles, receive notifications, etc.


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