Deezer for iPhone

Listen to songs with Deezer and see the lyrics on your TV screen.

What is Deezer?

Deezer is a subscription music streaming service with a presence in most countries of the world.

It has a catalog of millions of songs of all genres so that its customers can listen to them from their computer, mobile phone or other devices with an Internet connection such as Smart TVs, Android TV receivers, consoles, etc.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Deezer

The monthly cost of a Deezer subscription does not exceed 10 euros and offers high sound quality, unlimited playback, offline mode and a karaoke function compatible with Chromecast devices and Smart TVs that are capable of running the application.

This function plays songs with their lyrics synchronized on the screen and with text highlighted so they can be followed more easily. Deezer also offers a free option, but in exchange for advertising between songs when used from a PC or in shuffle mode from mobile devices.

How to register on Deezer

Signing up for Deezer is very simple. Just enter a phone number, an email account, or identify yourself with a Facebook or Google account.

New users can try any of their premium plans free of charge for 90 days, simply by indicating a payment method. This step can be done quickly from an iOS or Android mobile device by authorizing the use of the payment methods associated with the Apple ID or Google account.

And if the subscription is canceled before ninety days, no charge will be made.

Deezer for Android

Deezer website

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