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CCleaner is a popular computer optimization tool that allows users to clean up their system’s temporary files, browser cache, and other unnecessary files that accumulate over time. Developed by Piriform, CCleaner has been available for Windows operating systems since 2004 and has since expanded to macOS and Android platforms as well.

In addition to cleaning temporary files and cache, CCleaner also has additional features such as a registry cleaner, a tool to manage startup programs, and an uninstaller that can remove unwanted programs from the system. The software is intended to help improve computer performance by freeing up disk space and reducing the load on the system.

Key Characteristics of Ccleaner

Here are some of its key characteristics:

Junk file removal:

CCleaner can scan your computer or mobile device for unnecessary files and delete them to free up disk space.

Registry cleaning:

CCleaner can also scan and fix registry errors that may slow down your computer or cause stability issues.

Uninstall programs:

CCleaner can help you uninstall software applications cleanly, without leaving any remnants on your system.

Startup management:

CCleaner can disable or delay programs that launch at startup, which can speed up your system’s boot time.

Browser cleaning:

CCleaner can clean up temporary files, cookies, and browsing history from popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Privacy protection:

CCleaner can securely erase sensitive files and data, as well as clean your browsing history and cookies to protect your privacy.


CCleaner offers a range of customization options, including the ability to exclude files and folders from cleaning, and the ability to schedule regular cleanups.

How to use CCleaner?

Here are the basic steps to using CCleaner:

Download and install CCleaner from the official website. Launch CCleaner and select the Custom Clean tab.

Click on the Analyze button to scan your system for unnecessary files. Once the analysis is complete, you can review the files that CCleaner has identified as unnecessary and choose which files to delete.

Click on the Run Cleaner button to remove the selected files.

If you want to clean up your registry, select the Registry tab and click on the Scan for Issues button.

Once the scan is complete, you can review the registry errors that CCleaner has identified and choose which ones to fix. Click on the Review Selected Issues button to fix the selected errors.

You can also use the Tools tab to uninstall software, manage startup programs, and erase free space on your hard drive.

Customize CCleaner’s settings by selecting the Options tab and choosing your preferred settings.

You can also schedule regular cleanups by selecting the Options tab and choosing the Schedule option.

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