How to use Zwift for free

Zwift is a virtual cycling app that allows you to train in your favorite sport without leaving home.

It is based on the connectivity technology that measurement devices commonly used in the world of cycling have, such as cadence sensors, speed meters, heart rate meters, potentiometers, among others, which, conveniently placed on conventional rollers or on bikes attached to these devices can wirelessly transmit workout information to a computer screen, televisions with Apple TV, or smartphones running the app.

However, a more interesting use of Zwift is when it appears connected to smart trainers, since these indoor cycling training equipment can interact with the application and modify the intensity of the pedaling depending on the slope of the chosen route, which that comes close to a real workout on the road.

Within the application there is also room for virtual competitions with cyclists from all over the world who use it. This Zwift modality works practically at any time of the day and takes place in virtual scenarios inspired by emblematic circuits of world cycling, and which maintains a great similarity to what is experienced in the world of online racing video games.

How much does Zwift cost and how to download it?

Zwift is a paid app, but you can try it for free for seven days after creating a user account. After this period, you have to pay around 15 US dollars to enjoy its benefits.

Official download links are available from their website

How to watch Zwift workouts on TV

Zwift is an app compatible with smartphones, Windows and Mac computers, and Apple TV devices, somehow allowing you to train or compete in front of a big screen. In fact, the connection of a smartphone or a computer with the TV is perfectly possible with the screen mirroring methods exposed on our page. And in the case of an Apple TV, the connection to the TV is part of its operating system.

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