How to watch soccer live on the Internet?

Enjoy live football from your phone, PC or TV.

Currently, it is possible to easily view live images of a soccer match or other international sporting event from a computer or mobile device.

This is so because the sports offer of online video services has increased considerably and almost any sporting event is broadcast live on the Internet through the companies that own its transmission rights.

However, these are mostly subscription services. Below we name some of them and how to access them from a computer with an Internet connection.

ESPN: This chain broadcasts Serie A, Ligue 1, and LaLiga Santander over the Internet, both from its website and from a mobile application for iOS and Android. It is also available on Smart TVs.

Download ESPN for iOS
Download ESPN for Android

Fox Sports: Owns the broadcast rights to the Copa Conmebol Libertadores, the Champions League, the Bundesliga, the Argentine Super League, and Liga MX, among other renowned events. It is accessible from the browser and applications for smartphones (iOS and Android).

Download Fox Sports for iOS
Dowload Fox Sports for Android

GOLTV Play: It broadcasts the soccer championships of Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador and Peru for the citizens of these countries residing abroad. Available from the web and applications for iOS and Android.

How to watch soccer online for free?

There are many web pages such as RojaDirectaTV and FTBL.TV that offer the sports programming of the day and the respective live broadcast links, but in many cases, these links redirect to advertising sites or services that broadcast sporting events without having the respective broadcast rights.

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