MHL Checker for Android

Quickly check if your terminal screen can be transmitted to your TV with an HDMI / MHL cable.

MHL Checker is an application that will help you to know if your Android terminal is compatible with the MHL connection, with which it would be possible to reproduce its content on any television with HDMI input, all this with the help of an adapter or micro USB to HDMI cable.

Thanks to this application you can decide to buy an MHL cable or opt for other ways to transmit the movies stored on your phone to the big screen, for example, DLNA applications or streaming players such as Chromecast, Roku or Xiaomi Mi Box S, Fire TV Stick from Amazon, among others.

How MHL Checker Works?

MHL Checker has a very simple and straightforward operation. You only need to run it on the device you want to verify MHL support and press a button. After a short process, it will tell you if the terminal is compatible with MHL technology. Requires Android 4.0.3 or later versions.

MHL Checker on Android


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