Panda Cloud Cleaner for Windows free

An online antivirus that feeds on collective intelligence.

What is Panda Cloud Cleaner?

Panda Cloud Cleaner is an online antivirus that uses collective intelligence as a method of detecting computer viruses.

This innovative collaborative technology used by Panda Cloud Cleaner manifests itself in a greater ability to recognize the different types of malware that infect a computer.

In addition, it produces a minimal impact on system resources, since the malware signature database is located on Panda’s servers and is updated with the information provided by its own users.

How does Panda Cloud Cleaner work?

Once Panda Cloud Cleaner is installed, it will start scanning for malware at the user’s request.

At the end of it, it will show a summary of the threats found and potentially dangerous files to be deleted from the hard drive.

The only requirement to fulfill its malware eradication function is to have Internet access.

Download Panda Cloud Cleaner for Windows from here.

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