TV Mirror for Chromecast for iPhone

Turn your Chromecast into an Apple TV.

TV Mirror for Chromecast is an application that can cast all the activity that takes place on the iPhone to a Chromecast and any device with Chromecast built-in. It works as long as the iPhone and Chromecast are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It is ideal for viewing web pages, games, documents, presentations, as well as photos and videos hosted on the iOS device on a larger screen. The experience of using TV Mirror for Chromecast is optimal, since the images are transmitted almost without delay, although this depends largely on the speed of the Wi-Fi network.

TV Mirror for Chromecast is available in two versions, one free with advertising and the other paid. With its paid version, whose cost is around 3 dollars, advertising is eliminated in the middle of the transmissions and allows the audio of the video content to be sent, making it possible to better appreciate video calls, Facebook, Badoo and TikTok videos, among other social applications.

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