Zoom Cloud Meetings for iPhone

Zoom is a platform that offers group videoconferencing services over the Internet. One of its purposes is to replace face-to-face meetings, using any mobile device or computer. The number of participants in a Zoom videoconference has no limits, however, in its free version, a maximum of 100 users are allowed, and also the duration cannot exceed 40 minutes. Zoom is a tool widely used today for distance education, collaborative work and any other activity that requires the feeling of closeness that the webcam offers, such as friends or family meetings.

It is very easy to participate in a Zoom videoconference. Simply open the meeting invitation and the Zoom mobile app installed on your smartphone opens. It is not even mandatory to have a user account, however, to be able to host a meeting it is necessary to register on the platform. The main functions of this program include the possibility of sharing the desktop with other participants, the use of virtual screen backgrounds, sending photos and documents, among others.

Zoom Cloud Meetings for Android

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