Best sound bars with Dolby Atmos to watch the World Cup

Ambient sound is an important component of football matches or any sporting event in general that is broadcast on television. And it is that in this type of event, the stands with their songs and the great noise produced by the goals inside the stadium also attract the attention of the spectators and become protagonists.

That is why, to enjoy a better television experience with the Qatar 2022 World Cup, it is advisable to improve the flat, dull sound that is usually distorted at high volume levels, which is generally offered by thin-screen televisions currently sold. This is achieved by connecting an external sound system, such as a sound bar, to the television.

Sound bars with surround sound

Within this class of audio equipment there are many options, but the ones that best reproduce the ambient sound that occurs in sporting events are those that are equipped with Dolby Atmos surround sound technology, which is also present in smart televisions from mid-range onwards manufactured by LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL or Hisense, which avoids compatibility problems.

Although this does not prevent a Dolby Atmos sound bar from being connected to an ordinary television, since they usually have several audio connections in addition to HDMI ARC connections or its improved version HDMI eARC.

What are the best sound bars with Dolby Atmos sound?

Here is a list of high-quality sound bars sold online by stores like Amazon and Walmart, ordered from lowest to highest price. Since they are very popular sound bars, it is also very possible that you will find them in the windows of electronics dealers in your area.


The TCL TCL ALTO 9+ 3.1 CHANNEL incorporates the Roku TV system, which can also turn your ordinary TV into a smart TV. But this does not prevent it from being connected to a smart TV with its own operating system.

It supports HDMI ARC, has a Bluetooth connection, auxiliary audio input and optical audio input. It also stands out for having Chromecast and AirPlay technology. Its price in Walmart is 250 US dollars.

Denon DHT-S517

The DHT-S517 sound bar is backed by Denon, one of the leading manufacturers of hi-fi audio equipment. It has a wireless subwoofer.

It has a Bluetooth connection and is compatible with HDMI eARC and HDMI ARC, which allows its volume to be controlled by the TV remote control. In addition, it has a digital optical audio input. Its price on Amazon is 399 US dollars.

Sonos Beam (Gen2)

With an elegant and compact design, the Sonos Beam (Gen2) smart sound bar from the renowned company Sonos offers voice control, supports AirPlay in its second version, has touch controls and Wi-Fi connectivity.

To reproduce bass frequencies and ambient sound with greater depth, it has a subwoofer and two rear speakers that connect via Wi-Fi to the front speaker. Its price on Amazon oscillates around 450 US dollars.


The JBL BAR 9.1 is one of the sound bars that offers the greatest sound power thanks to its four speakers, two of which are removable that can be placed behind the sofa or around this piece of furniture, since they are the ones that provide three-dimensional sound.

It has USB, Bluetooth and HDMI inputs. It is also compatible with Chromecast and AirPlay to be able to receive audio content from smartphones or computers. Its price on Amazon is approximately 1200 US dollars.


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