How to fix PS4 CE-34878-0 error code

One PS4 bug that is becoming common is the bug whose code is CE-34878-0. It usually appears in the middle of a game forcing you to restart the video game with the consequent inconvenience that this generates.

What causes PS4 CE-34878-0 error code?

This error that affects popular titles such as Warzone or Rocket League is related to a data corruption on the hard disk of the PS4 console generated after a software update or a change of the hard disk.

It can be solved using one of the methods described below.

How to fix PS4 error code CE-34878-0

Restart the console

First, close the application causing the error and do a full system reboot. It also turns the DualShock controller off and on again.

Update the PS4 console software

Go into the system settings and update the console software. If you don’t have an Internet connection, do it using a USB stick. Check these sheets published on our website.

Reinstall the original console hard drive

If you upgraded your console’s original hard drive to a higher capacity one and you still have it, try reinstalling it and see if the problem continues.

Initialize the PS4

As an extreme measure, you can choose to initialize the console, that is, return it to its factory state. Make sure to make a backup copy of your content beforehand.

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