How to enable dark mode on iPhone and Android

The dark mode is an embedded function in the leading mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). Its use has become prevalent because it reduces eye strain, saves the battery, and even by giving the terminal a new look.

How to enable the dark mode on your Android

The dark mode setting varies slightly depending on the model and brand of your Android device; in general, it is about activating screen’s parameters call Dark mode or Inverse Colors.

  1. Touch Settings (gearwheel).
  2. Swipe until you find the Screen section.
  3. Select Advanced and search for Theme.
  4. Tap on Dark mode to activate it, confirm the selection.

On Xiaomi devices, the function is called Reverse colors. To activate go to Settings > Accessibility > Display > Color inversion.

On Samsung devices (Pie OS version), Activate it from Settings > Accessibility > Vision > Dark mode.

How to enable the dark mode on your iPhone

On your iPhone go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display adaptation > Invert colors. Activate the Smart Invertoption.


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