How to keep your iPhone 13 battery 100% healthy

The battery of the iPhone 13 and the Pro versions of this same generation have increasingly long-lasting batteries thanks in large part to the lithium-ion technology with which they are produced, but also thanks to new screen technologies and an operating system that optimizes the energy expenditure of the applications that affect its wear and subsequent recharge.

Likewise, their useful life, that is, the time they will be working optimally without needing replacement, has also had a substantial improvement compared to the batteries integrated in previous models. And so much is Apple’s concern for this component that the same iOS system, which controls the functions of the iPhone, has a tool that indicates the state of health (condition) of the battery at any time.

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However, like any consumable product, as time goes by it tends to lose effectiveness. This aspect in a battery is fundamentally determined by the recharge cycles, that is, the times in which the battery has been completely discharged and must be connected to the charger. Therefore, taking care that battery levels do not reach critical values ​​is a way to keep it in good health.

For this we give you a series of tips and recommendations to keep your iPhone’s battery in good condition and with this also obtain a better resale value in case you want to get rid of it to acquire a superior version.

Update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS

This aspect is essential for battery care, as Apple attaches great importance to this component. Thus, in updating it makes the necessary corrections in the system functions and applications that consume too much energy.

To update your iPhone, just tap Settings > General > Software Update and follow the instructions.

Optimize power settings

According to Apple, there are two ways to improve battery life. One of them is to reduce the brightness of the screen. For this, go to the Control Center and move down the brightness slider.

You can also let it automatically dim based on ambient light conditions by going to Settings > Accessibility > Display & text size, and sliding the switch for Auto-brightness to the right.

The second way is to use the Wi-Fi network to connect to the Internet, since it consumes less energy than the mobile data connection. From the Settings > Wi-Fi section, you’ll find options to turn on your iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection and connect to an available wireless network.

Activate the battery saving function

As of iOS 9 there is a function called Save battery, which reduces the energy consumption of the device by temporarily paralyzing any download in process, as well as the reception of emails.

To do this, go to Settings > Battery, and turn on the switch for the Save battery feature.

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