How to know the phone number of your SIM card with no remaining credit

Find out the number of your chips Verizon Wireless, T – Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, or other operators easily.

Not being able to memorize your phone number is a widespread situation among mobile users. Most people who forget it find out through calls or text messages to their contacts. But even though these methods are handy, they only work on chips with enough credit.

Fortunately, in Android and iOS smartphones, it is straightforward to know the number of the SIM card they contain. This information is usually visible in the device settings section. But also in the Contacts application and even in the WhatsApp profile. Here’s how to find out the number of any chip, whether or not it has a credit.

How to know the number of your chip on an Android phone

  1. On an Android phone, go to Settings > About device. Your number is in My Phone Number.
  2. To find out your number through the Contacts application, click on the phone-shaped icon.
  3. Then tap the CONTACTS tab. You can find your phone number in the MY PROFILE section.

How to find out your SIM card number on an iPhone

  1. On an iPhone, go to Settings.
  2. Tap your username and select your mobile icon (This iPhone) at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Your number will appear in the Phone number section.

To find out your number through the Contacts app, open the Phone application. Tap Contacts > My Card or your username.

How to find out your mobile number using WhatsApp

  1. Open WhatsApp and touch the Setup button.
  2. Click on your username, and your phone number will be displayed.

This method will show you your chip number as long as you have configured WhatsApp with that number.


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