How to make Siri recognize texts instead of voice?

Siri is the voice assistant built into the Apple family of products including the iPhone. Actually, it is a voice recognition program capable of complying with the requests made by users through spoken commands.

Things Siri can do

Siri is trained enough to understand and respond to different types of requests related to the operation of the phone. Siri can read recent WhatsApp messages, do arithmetic operations, lower the screen brightness, play music, put the device in airplane mode or schedule a reminder, among many other things.

It can also respond to somewhat curious requests such as letting you know the age of a famous actor, telling jokes or getting into flirtations.

However, Siri has a function that goes unnoticed: understand the texts written with the keyboard. A function that can be useful when it is not possible for us to speak aloud or we want to avoid bothering other people with our noises. Here’s how to make Siri recognize text instead of speech.

How to give written commands to Siri?

Go to Settings > Accessibility. Scroll down to the General section and tap on Siri.

Next, activate the option Write to Siri.

The next step is to activate Siri and press the side button to bring up the keyboard. Once this is done, type the instructions and press the Enter key.

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