How to prevent your iPhone from being turned off?

Pressing the power button on iPhone

Although it is true that the application Find my iPhone integrated in the iOS system is intended to search and track the device in case it falls into strange hands, it is very easy to see that it loses effectiveness when the phone is turned off by the new owner.

However, a TikTok user has posted on the platform a trick that prevents the phone from shutting down unless a default password is entered. This way it could be located quickly if the tracking function is activated.

The trick in question uses the accessibility options of iOS 15 to prevent the off button from doing its job without first entering the key created by the true owner.

This trick is very simple and here we show it to you.

How to stop thieves from turning off your iPhone

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility and click on Guided Access.
  2. Next, turn on the Guided Access option switch.
  3. You will immediately notice the appearance on the screen of a set of new options. Then, turn on the Accessibility Shortcut option.
  4. Now open any app installed on your iPhone and tap the side button three times quickly.
  5. Click on Options and disable the options with which a stranger could unlock your iPhone. For example, Side Button and Keyboards.
  6. Tap Done and then tap Start. Enter an easy-to-remember code. Then check it to finish the setup.
  7. When you want to disable this function, press the side button three times, enter the password and click on End.

Another way to use this trick:

However, this trick can also be used when you are with trusted friends, for example, playing music from your iPhone, since the device will also be blocked preventing anyone else from taking a look at your personal information. You just have to make sure not to disable the “Touch” option.


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  1. Hello I a have a questions about this trick, I do all exactly as it says, but I cant exit of the selected app in which I start the guided access, so I cant manipulate normally the iphone, then whats the point of this trick if I cant use normally the iphone? , it utility is to prevent the phone of being turned off, but if you do this you cant use the phone, also Now you need prees three times the homme button, NO (the side button ) Im usingk 15.3.1, apple changed the buttons? How can I manipulate my phone normally to make this trick usefull and only to prevent iphone being disabled but not to prevent ME OF USE my own iphone

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