How to transfer files from PC to iPhone 13 wirelessly

Transfer documents and music from your laptop to your iPhone without using cables.

One of the features of the VLC for iOS is that it can be used as a file transfer tool. This application can connect wirelessly with Windows and download files from your computer’s hard drive to your iPhone.

Here’s how to use VLC to transfer files from your PC to your iPhone.

How to transfer files from PC to iPhone wirelessly

  1. Download VLC for Mobile from the AppStore.
  2. Open VLC on your iOS device.
  3. Touch the Network icon and on the screen that appears, activate the Share via WiFi option.
Sharing via WiFi option on VLC
  1. Type in your Internet browser any of the two addresses that appear when activating the previous option.
  2. Drag and drop the files you want to send to the iPhone or use the + button to select them from Windows Explorer.
Option to share files via WiFi from PC to iPhone

The files sent to the iPhone will be stored in the Files app and if they are compatible with VLC they will also be displayed on the screen of this application.


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