How to turn your iPhone keyboard into a touchpad

The task of editing a text document on the screen of a mobile device necessarily involves the use of its small cursor, whose scrolling and finger control do not always provide the best experience.

With these kinds of situations in mind, Apple has devised a solution that ensures a better workflow with documents, email messages, and other items that use the keyboard. In the iPhone, it has implemented a function that converts the part of the screen occupied by the virtual keyboard into a touchpad, in such a way that it facilitates the maneuverability of the pointer.

This iPhone touchpad is activated with these simple steps.

Open the text document or object that makes use of the iOS 16 virtual keyboard.

Once you’ve decided where to move the cursor to start the corrections, tap and hold on the Space key until the keyboard turns white and hides all other keys.

Scroll on the iPhone’s touchpad without lifting your finger and move the cursor where you want with greater ease than ever before.

When you want to disable the touchpad, lift your finger off the screen. And use it again when you see fit.

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