iPhone Secret Codes

Wishing to know more about the services provided by the telephone operator with which we have a contract is an activity that is part of the normal behavior of every user. Information is almost always obtained with a call to customer service services of telephone service operators.

However, it is possible to avoid this task with a simple marking of secret codes, which in the case of the iPhone also reveal some not very publicized options of this device, such as the Field Test menu.

In the following lines we show you some marking codes that give access to unknown functions of your iPhone, although this may vary according to the telephone operator and the hired plan. To activate these codes use your iPhone call application.

Code *#06#: Allows you to see the IMEI of the phone.

Code 3001# 12345#: Allows you to know technical information about the mobile network to which the terminal is connected using the Field Test menu options.

Code # 31 #: put this code to the number to be called to make a hidden call.

Code *43#: Activate calls on hold.

Code # 43 #: Disable the calls on hold.

Code *# 31#: Allows you to know if the phone has an active restriction, for example, restriction of the call line identifier.

Code *# 67#: Allows you to check if the call diversion is activated when the line is occupied.

Code ## 002#: Deactivation of call diversion.

Code 33*Pin#: blocks outgoing calls and incoming calls. PIN refers to the SIM card pin code.

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