Is my iPhone new or refurbished?

One of the best technological gifts that can be given to a loved one for his birthday or for any reason that deserves it is, without a doubt, the iPhone. This iPod-derived communication device has evolved to such an extent that it can be considered a minicomputer, since it is capable of running almost the same applications and games as a desktop or laptop computer.

In addition, each new version released annually by Apple always comes equipped with the latest hardware and software technology. It is enough to mention biometric recognition technologies or artificial intelligence to prove it.

However, with the exception of a recently launched iPhone, the rest of the models offered for sale in online stores or physical stores have a detail to be taken into consideration by the future buyer. It’s about your condition.

Indeed, as with any electronic product, in addition to new equipment, there are versions reconditioned by the manufacturer. This means that despite the fact that they have not been used, they have gone through a renewal treatment and subsequent revision, usually due to having had a manufacturing defect. Both are physically identical, however a refurbished computer is usually less expensive. Therefore, it is important to know how to identify them.

How to identify a refurbished iPhone?

In the case of the iPhone, the way to know if the equipment you are going to buy is a new or refurbished equipment is given by its model number.

For this, go to Settings > General > Information, then highlight the Model number section.

If it starts with a letter M, it is a new computer.

Seeing if an iPhone is new or refurbished

While if it begins with a letter F it is a reconditioned equipment by the manufacturer.

Other letters that can be found at the beginning of an iPhone model number are the letters N and the letter P.

The first means that it is a warranty replacement device. While the letter P means that it is a team customized by the user. In both cases as part of the sales policies of the official Apple stores.

Image by Lukas Gehrer from Pixabay

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