Know How to Integrate ChatGPT With Siri

Intelligent personal assistants used to be the preserve of smartphones, but their integration into TVs, speakers and watches has already begun to be seen. Thanks to them, controlling the technological devices at home and obtaining information on a variety of disciplines becomes a very simple task. Just start a conversation or write the request to get the requested result.

But its evolution does not stop, to the point that the ChatGPT application has appeared with great force, a platform that, as a chatbot, solves queries of any kind using artificial intelligence, both to locate the information and to respond in completely natural language, and in any language.

ChatGPT is designed to be used from the browser, but by executing a series of tricks it can be integrated into third-party applications such as WhatsApp.

However, with the release of its API, which stands for Application Programming Interface, ChatGPT’s technology will be able to more easily integrate into third-party software solutions and services. One of them is Siri, the intelligent assistant built into Apple products.

How to install ChatGPT in Siri

First, go to the OpenAI page, the developers of ChatGPT.

Create a user account and click on your user profile from this link. In the dropdown menu with this action, click View API keys. Then click Create new secret key. Copy this code.

Now, go to your iPhone and download the Shortcuts app.

Once this is done, open Safari or the browser of your choice on your iPhone and go to the following GitHub page that contains the shortcut to integrate Siri with ChatGPT:

Locate the latest version of the shortcut and click on the link that says English Version to download it to the terminal.

When the ChatGPT shortcut screen opens, tap on Configure Shortcut.

In the text field, type the code you previously copied. Click on Next. Click Next again and to finish, click Add shortcut.

How to replace Siri with ChatGPT

For Siri to give you access to ChatGPT information, all you have to do is say “Hey Siri, chatgpt”. The chatbot will immediately appear saying I am here, always at your service. From there you can use it in conversational mode or in text mode. Although you can also use it from the Shortcuts application in text mode.

What to do if Siri doesn’t understand the Hey Siri, ChatGPT command

But since Siri can get confused with the pronunciation of chatgpt, it’s best to rename the shortcut to a more accessible one. For this, long press on the ChatGPT shortcut and click on the Rename option.

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