Official ChatGPT for iPhone is now available on the App Store

The ChatGPT chatbot is credited with bringing artificial intelligence to the masses with its simple conversational system that generates relevant responses on all kinds of knowledge from a web browser tab. But it seems that for its creator OpenAI this is not enough and it has decided to expand its presence to mobile terminals, starting with the iPhone.

Indeed, iPhone and iPad users can now download the official ChatGPT application to their devices, with which they will be able to dialogue with the chatbot in the same way as they do from the browser. In other words, using the keyboard to write orders or instructions, although it is also possible to use voice commands that are converted to text by the application.

In addition, the application has an information synchronization function in the cloud with which it is possible to consult the interactions with the chatbot from another device associated with the same user account.

This version of ChatGPT for iOS incorporates recent updates made by OpenAI to the GPT-3 language model on which it is based, leading to better quality and accuracy results. However, it is worth remembering that its memory only contains the information available until September 2021. ChatGPT for iPhone is now available for download in the App Stores of more than forty countries around the world.

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