Turn your iPhone or Android into a mouse and keyboard for PC

Iphone using as PC keyboard

Cell phones are undoubtedly among the list of remote devices that can help control the computer. Not only do they allow you to take complete control from anywhere on the planet through applications such as TeamViewer, AnyDesk or LogMeIn, but they can also function as mere information entry accessories within the home Wi-Fi network.

So much so that using the appropriate applications it is possible to replace the computer keyboard with a similar one that runs from the cell phone and fulfills the same function. Typically, these types of applications also integrate a wireless mouse or touchpad function, which means that they can easily control the playback of multimedia files on the computer from the sofa or anywhere in the house where the Wi-Fi signal reaches.

How to use your phone as mouse and keybord for PC

You can achieve this by installing the Remote Mouse application on your Android or iPhone cell phone and its complementary application on your Windows PC. Follow these steps:

First, connect your cell phone and PC to the same Wi-Fi network.

Download and open Remote Mouse on your PC. You can download the executable file from this address (click on Get Now and choose the version for Windows).

Next, download and open the Remote Mouse mobile application on your iOS or Android cell phone. Accept the requested permissions on the home screen.

Once the Select a computer screen appears, select your PC. Slide each of the screens containing instructions until the main interface that includes a keyboard and touchpad appears.

From now on you can write on your PC from your cell phone. You can also control it remotely with the touchpad function.

How to download Remote Mouse in a Huawei 2021

Fortunately, the Remote Mouse installation file is available in APK format. Click here to download.


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