What is the Visual Look Up feature on an iPhone?

Image recognition is a branch of artificial intelligence that has the ability to identify the elements of interest present in a photograph and classify them into categories. iOS incorporates this technology into its operating system and camera application to extract texts, recognize faces, recognize objects and obtain more information than what is presented visually, as occurs with the Visual Look Up tool.

Visual Look Up is a tool integrated into the Photos app of iOS 15 or later, with which you can obtain more information about the objects that appear in a photo. In its implementation, modern image processing techniques based on artificial intelligence have been used, so its results are highly accurate.

Visual Look Up is especially useful for obtaining additional information about the plants, pets, monuments or books that appear in a photograph captured with the iPhone or iPad camera.

For example, after identifying a plant, Visual Look Up can provide data about its species and details about its care, among other types of information. This information is provided by Wikipedia and in some cases by Siri.

How to use Visual Look Up on an iPhone?

Take a picture of your surroundings in which there are plants, animals or monuments. Then open it in the Photos app.

If the Information button located at the bottom of the screen has the + sign in its upper left part, it means that there is additional information about the photograph. To see this information, slide the photo up or click on the Information button.

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