5 Alternative AI Tools to ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence powered web tools are significantly improving our online experience. These tools use machine learning algorithms that allow them to analyze large amounts of data and learn from it in order to deliver accurate and personalized results.

AI is used in search engines to present the most relevant results for our queries. It is also used in chatbots to provide quick and accurate answers to user questions, its best representative being the well-known ChatGPT.

However, AI is also used from the web to create content, such as texts, sounds and graphics, that adapt to the user’s needs. In general, all these online resources powered by artificial intelligence are very easy to access and use, given their ability to understand what is asked of them in natural language.

Here’s a selection of AI-powered web tools that you can toggle with ChatGPT.


Lalal.ai is a state-of-the-art song vocal and musical instrument extractor that delivers excellent results without losing quality. It works with audio and video files, having the ability to separate the sounds produced by drums, bass, synthesizer, piano, guitars, as well as unwanted noises in a recording.

Its free option allows you to process files with a maximum size of 50 MB and a duration of up to 10 minutes.


Dupla.AI is a generative artificial intelligence tool that will help you in your tasks of writing texts in Spanish. You can create specific content to post on blogs, social networks, online stores, etc. All this writing only the title of the composition. It also has a section dedicated to the generation of images describing the details of the composition that can be complemented by keywords, the artistic style and the tone (happy or sad).

Dupla.AI works with a system of credits that run out as they are used to write or generate images.


Copy.AI is a tool that generates texts automatically, based on the keywords you enter, operating very similarly to Dupla.AI. Just type a sentence and the artificial intelligence understands the context and makes the necessary adjustments to create an original text that you can use in articles, emails, advertisements, etc.

Unlike Dupla.AI, Copy.AI can write texts in 30 languages, and it has a chat section based on GPT-4.


BigJPG is a tool that applies convolutional neural networks to enlarge and enhance low-resolution digital images without losing sharpness. Processing is very fast and effective, both with drawings and photographs. Its free option allows you to process images up to 5 MB.


Lumen5 is an artificial intelligence-powered video creation platform that generates videos from the texts included in a blog or article published on the web.

Lumen5 transforms into a presentation all types of textual content that are imported into the tool through its respective link. In addition, it has an editor that offers the possibility of adding images and voice recordings.

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

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