DistroTV: The Alternative To Photocall.Tv Or Pluto TV

Photocall.TV, Pluto, or Plex TV aren’t the only options for watching TV programming completely free on your computer, smart TV, or mobile device. Distro TV is another platform that brings you more than 200 television channels that broadcast their signal from various parts of the world to your entertainment devices with an Internet connection.

Indeed, Distro TV brings together a set of channels dedicated to the broadcasting of movies, news content, sporting events, and content on lifestyle and health, food and travel, spirituality, among many others, all of them broadcasting live and direct. Likewise, it offers content recorded on demand represented mainly by movies, seasonal series and documentaries, but there is no shortage of programs dedicated to business and finance, or sports and fitness.

How to access DistroTV?

DistroTV is an entertainment platform that can be accessed from any Internet browser by entering the following address: https://www.distro.tv/.

But for the convenience of its users, it has an application of the same name capable of being installed on LG televisions with the WebOS system, Samsung with the Tizen and Vizio system. It also has an app for Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV systems, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

In order to download it to a compatible device, just search for DistroTV in the app stores of those operating systems.

To enjoy DistroTV it is not necessary to register on its website and even less to hire a subscription plan. Its interface is very friendly, with one click you will be able to view its channel guide with the programs that are being broadcast at that moment and those that come next.

Its options also allow access to all available entertainment categories.

Image: distro.tv

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