How to Get Drivers for Your Windows 11 PC?

A computer component or accessory is not only new when it leaves the store, it can also be new again when its firmware is updated by the manufacturer, since in the process it is enhanced with new functions, new connectivity options are added and resolve malfunctions. And hand in hand with this firmware update, new drivers are published, that is, pieces of software that allow communication with the operating system.

In general, it is a computer program that is responsible for firmware updates of a hardware device and the installation of its respective drivers on the computer, but it also often happens that the same drivers in an updated version to your update the firmware once. That is why for optimal computer operation it is essential to have updated device drivers.

When a computer is new, it is common for it to come out completely optimized and updated, both the operating system and the drivers. But it is difficult for it to be kept in good shape for a long time due to accidental misconfigurations, lack of maintenance or virus problems, having the need at some point to format it to recover the state it had when leaving the store and forcing this same action to get the latest device drivers.

For this, there are several possibilities. The first of these is to resort to the Windows Update function. This component of Windows 11 has a database of the most frequently used device drivers and to proceed with its update, just carry out the following steps.

How to get drivers through Windows Update?

Right-click on Start > Settings and select Windows Update.

On this screen, click Check for updates, and Windows will automatically install any recent device drivers that are available.

But, you can still go further. On this same Windows Update screen, go to Advanced Options > Optional Updates and manually select which device updates are available. Then click Download and install. Finally, restart your PC.

How to get drivers from the manufacturer’s site?

Another option is to turn to computer manufacturers. It is common for large companies such as Dell, Acer, HP or Samsung to have a user support page. From these pages you can obtain the official drivers for the factory-installed hardware devices on your computer.

You only need to know the serial number of the specific product or model so that you have access to all available downloads of its components, including drivers and user manuals.

If you want to know the model of your branded laptop or computer, check the following article:

How to know the model of your laptop?

Next, we leave you the links to the support pages of the main computer manufacturers.


Likewise, each manufacturer of accessories such as keyboards, printers or web cameras has as a general rule to publish the most recent drivers for all operating systems on which their devices can work on their official pages.

Intel support page

Logitech support page

TP-Link support page

Nvidia driver download page

Once you have saved the driver you need on your hard drive, do the following.

Right-click Start > Device Manager. Then, locate the device whose driver you want to update.

Now, right click on its name and select Update Driver.

On the How do you want to check for drivers screen, click Browse my computer for drivers.

With the browse button, navigate to the folder where the driver is saved. Double click on it. Tap OK and then tap Next. That’s all.

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