How to install Google TV on your computer

What is Google TV?

Google TV is a new operating system for smart TVs developed by Google on the basis of Android TV.

In reality, it is the same Android TV system but to which Google has added a customization layer whose design facilitates access to the content that most interests users of entertainment platforms, thus avoiding wasting time searching.

What TVs come with Google TV?

Some manufacturers have already started betting on Google TV as the operating system for their smart TVs, including Sony and TCL.

This operating system is also integrated into the Chromecast player with Google TV, a product with which Google has entered the world of set-top box devices.

Android Studio

Because Google TV is designed for televisions, it cannot be installed on a computer. However, thanks to Android Studio, an emulator for the Android platform created specifically for developers and programmers, it is possible to test its operation and thus be able to run the applications and platforms compatible with Google TV from Windows.

The steps to achieve this are very simple and we will show you below.

How to install Google TV on Windows

First of all, download the Android Studio tool and proceed to install it on your computer. This is the link to its official download page:

Open the program and click on More actions. From the dropdown menu that appears, select AVD Manager. Next, click on Create Virtual Device.

On the screen that opens, go to the Category section and select TV. Next, select a screen resolution between the two that are available and click the Next button.

On the System Image screen, locate the Android 11 (Google TV) system and click its Download button. Accept the software license terms and click Next.

Wait a few minutes for it to download the Google TV system image. Verify on the screen that the download process is complete, and then click Finish.

Now configure the recently created virtual device, that is, your device with the Google TV system, according to your preferences. Then click Finish.

When the list of Android Studio virtual devices opens, select the Google TV device and tap the Play button to launch it. That’s it.

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