How to open ports on your router?

Routers are devices that provide Internet information to a multitude of devices, including our computers and the computers that use web services around the world.

Therefore, they are in charge of routing information traffic depending on its type and for this they use its more than 65,000 ports, the best known being port 80 reserved for HTTP services, that is, web pages.

This port 80 and other common communication ports between devices that access the Internet through a router, such as a game console, printer, or smartphone, are open by default on virtually all router models, so there is no need to do any configuration. The rest remain closed for security reasons.

However, it is possible that in our own router it is necessary to open a certain port when we have an information server at home that works inside a video game or a security camera that gives transmission errors to devices that want to connect from the Internet.

Luckily, most router models have a port forwarding and management tool (Port Forwarding) that makes it easy to resolve the error.

How to open a single port on your router?

This varies depending on the router model. But in general you have to enter the default IP address of the router, as well as the corresponding username and password, in the address bar of the web browser. Usually the default IP address is, however there are Huawei models that use You can easily find this information on the label located on its base or back cover.

Once you have entered the configuration panel of the router, locate the port forwarding section and configure the port according to the information you obtain from the manual of the video game, camera or Wi-Fi device. Likewise, you must fill in more technical information that includes the associated IP addresses, type of protocol (TCP or UDP), among others.

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