How to record screen on Windows 11without any software

In most operating systems there is a screen recording function that is of great help in a variety of situations: doing video tutorials, recording games or recording on video a problem related to the execution of certain software and thus be able to request assistance technique.

The screen recording feature of Windows 11

Windows 11 is no exception. This is demonstrated by the capture function built into your Xbox Game Bar, an interface designed to have a more enjoyable experience with PC games.

This game bar that appeared for the first time in Windows 10 allows access in the middle of a game to a variety of resources for gamers including a screen recording function.

What can be recorded via Xbox Game Bar?

Despite being aimed at gamers, the capture function of the Xbox Game Bar allows you to record the execution of programs, web browsers and video games, except for desktop activity or what is done through the File Explorer.

Therefore, it is an ideal tool for making video tutorials of programs, capturing videos from the Internet or recording games. Here’s how it works.

How to screen record on Windows 11

Simultaneously press the Windows + G keys to bring up the Xbox Game Bar.

Then click Capture (middle button). When its menu opens, click Start recording (round button).

To end the recording, click the Stop button (square button).

To view a recording, just go back to the Capture menu and click Show all captures.


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