How to turn on your Windows PC remotely

Many Windows equipped computers have a network feature called Wake on Lan.

What is Wake on Lan?

This offers the possibility that an administrator of the network to which it belongs can remotely wake it from its state of shutdown, sleep or hibernation by sending a packet of encrypted information, also known as a magic packet.

Requirements for using Wake on Lan

For Wake on Lan to work, the computer must be connected to the electrical current and have an Internet connection through the Ethernet network adapter.

Also, it is necessary that this device and the motherboard of the computer support such function.

How to configure Wake on Lan

The first step is to make the respective settings in the BIOS (UEFI) of the computer and Windows 11 network settings, in such a way that they allow its remote activation.

We show you in detail the procedure you must follow.

First of all, enter the BIOS(UEFI) of your computer and go to Power Management.

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Select Wake-up on Lan and change its status from disabled to enabled. Exit the BIOS (UEFI) saving the changes made.

Now, go to your Windows system, right click on Start and select Device Manager.

Expand the option Network adapters. Right click on your Ethernet network adapter and select Properties.

Go to the Power Management tab and check the boxes for Allow this device to wake the computer and Allow only a Magic Packet to wake the computer.

Now, go to the Advanced tab, and in the wake on magic packet property, set the value to Enabled.

Once the system is configured to be able to be woken up remotely, all you have to do is download apps compatible with this feature to your cell phone.

But it might also be necessary to know the MAC address of the Ethernet network card or adapter. To find out this value, right-click Start and select Settings > Network and Internet > Advanced network settings. Now, click on Ethernet and select View additional properties. Points to the value assigned to the physical (MAC) address.

How to turn on your PC from your cell phone?

This is the easiest step. You just have to install an application compatible with Wake on Lan on your mobile phone. Connect both devices through this application and when you want to turn on the computer, use the option to send a magic packet.

How to turn on your PC from a remote computer?

In this case you can use remote control tools such as Team Viewer or AnyDesk. Install the software on both computers and use a magic package delivery to wake up your computer.

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