How to turn Windows 11 display into a wireless display?

Like its predecessor Windows 10, Windows 11 offers support for the Miracast wireless transmission protocol, both in transmission and reception mode. This means that users of this operating system can choose to share their desktop activity with compatible wireless displays or use their own display as a wireless display, as long as they have a Wi-Fi connection.

In both modes, no special program is needed since Windows 11 offers native support for Miracast. However, in broadcast mode the connection is much more comfortable and faster, since all you have to do is press the Windows + K keys at the same time and select one of the available wireless screens.

An example of wireless displays are smart televisions and even streaming devices that connect to these computers through the HDMI port, since the vast majority incorporate Miracast technology. In addition, this feature is activated very easily or is already activated by default as it happens in AOC televisions.

However, the same does not happen in the reception mode, that is, when you want to project the screen of another device compatible with Miracast on the Windows 11 screen.

This is because the feature of wireless projection to the monitor of a system running Windows 11 is optional and is disabled by default, which means that the computer in question cannot be detected by an eventual output device. For example, another Windows 10 computer or an Android smartphone. Fortunately, its activation is very simple by following these steps.

How to install Wireless Display in Windows 11?

Press the Windows + I keys at the same time and click Applications. Then click on Optional Features.

In the Add an optional feature section, click View features.

Find the Wireless Display feature and check the appropriate box. Then click Next.

Next, click Install and wait for the installation process to finish.

Once this is done, you will be able to project the desktop of another PC with Windows 10 or Windows 11 on the screen of your Windows 11 computer, simply by pressing the Windows + K keys on your keyboard at the same time and choosing your screen as the wireless screen.

You can even do the same with an Android terminal compatible with Miracast, for example the Samsung S20, Xiaomi Redmi Note 10, Huawei Mate 20, etc. To learn more, check out the articles published on our website.

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