How to type an underscore symbol (_)

Here we tell you the ways to write an underscore on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone.

Key combination to do the underscore on a laptop

The underscore symbol is still used on electronic keyboards, although for a different purpose than it was created for.

From being used to underline texts on old typewriters, it is now a widely used key to write email addresses and recently to write in italics in WhatsApp conversations, including WhatsApp Web.

That is why below we show you the different ways to type an underscore symbol on the keyboard of your PC and smartphone.

How to type an underscore on a Windows keyboard

On the computer keyboard, the underscore key is usually located between the period/colon key and the right Shift key. It is actually the secondary character of the hyphen key.

So, to make an underscore appear, press the following key combination: Left Shift Key + Dash Key (see image above).

You also get the underscore symbol with the numeric keypad. Press the sequence Alt + 95 after having activated the numeric keypad.

How to do an underscore on a Mac Keyboard

To type an underscore on Mac OS, press the Shift and the underscore (or hyphen) keys at the same time.

How to type the underscore on a phone keyboard

Activate the special characters on your keyboard. The underscore key is usually located in the group where the star key and the pound key are located.

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    1. In that case, you would have to use the Windows virtual keyboard. To make it appear on the screen:
      Open the Windows Start menu. Click Settings > Accessibility > Keyboard. Turn on the Use the on-screen keyboard option.

      Then, on the virtual keyboard, click the Shift key + the dash key.

      You can also open the virtual keyboard by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl + Windows + O keys.

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