How to use your phone as a second PC screen

Spacedesk turns a tablet or old cell phone into a touch screen for your computer.

Windows 10 desktop on a smartphone screen

Connecting a secondary monitor to the computer is a resource used to solve the lack of space on the Windows desktop, and this is achieved precisely with the Extended Desktop function.

However, this practice is no longer limited to the use of a traditional monitor, since one of our smartphones or tablets can also be used instead. For this to work, it is only necessary to use the Spacedesk software.

What is Spacedesk?

Spacedesk turns an iOS or Android device into a second screen for Windows, that is, it allows you to move any of the open windows on the main computer monitor and work from the usual way, but with the advantage that the new screen can also be controlled with your fingers.

How does Spacedesk work?

Spacedesk is a software that is made up of two applications; a server application that is installed on Windows and the mobile application of the same name that is installed on the iOS or Android device. Its configuration is not problematic, since you only have to connect both equipment (computer and mobile device) to the same Wi-Fi network, wait for the application installed on the mobile device to detect the server application and click.

However, for a more stable connection between the two computers, its developers recommend using a USB cable. Next, we leave you its download links.

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