Is it possible to install WebOS on Raspberry Pi 4?

Through virtualization techniques for Windows, Mac, or Linux computers, it becomes possible to virtually test a variety of operating systems without necessarily having to use the hardware for which they were designed.

This means, for example, that a version of Windows 10 or Windows 11 can be installed through an installed virtual machine created on a Mac computer using the Virtual Box software and run the programs designed for these platforms in a very intuitive way.

The same is true for the WebOS smart TV operating system, whose expansion to TV brands other than LG is advancing by leaps and bounds.

Installing webOS on a Raspberry Pi 4

The version of WebOS that can be run on a computer through Virtual Box is WebOS Open Source Edition, however, advanced knowledge is required, as it involves making different configurations of the computer’s hardware resources that move away from your intuitive origin.

Despite all this, there is an easier solution to test WebOS on a computer. All you have to do is have a Raspberry Pi 4 mini computer.

Indeed, WebOS Open Source Edition can run on a Raspberry Pi 4 board, having the advantage that you do not need to use a virtual machine, because this version of WebOS has support for the hardware with which the Raspberry mini computer is built. Pi 4, including dual HDMI video output.

With this it is possible to evaluate WebOS on a real device and not through a virtual device. In addition, it becomes an interesting and additional alternative for fans of smart TV platforms, since Android TV can also be run on the Raspberry Pi 4 in a very fluid way.

The only drawback is that to flash the WebOS Open Source Edition image on a micro-SD card you need to have a Linux-equipped computer. If you want more information, you can visit the official page of the project whose address is the following:

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