hundreds of free TV channels for PC and mobile

Online video consumption continues to grow day by day, fueled in large part by the high download speeds achieved by computers and mobile devices with the new 5GHz and 5G Wi-Fi technologies, respectively.

This is also helped by the rise of the IPTV system and the movie and social media platforms with video content that include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, TikTok, among others.

However, not everything ends there, since the appearance online of the signals of the television channels that broadcast through the DTT system is also noted.

Indeed, the vast majority of DTT channels that offer their content locally, have as a rule to transmit their signals over the Internet, which can be captured using a simple web browser. This is the function of

What is is a website that collects and organizes the transmissions of hundreds of DTT channels from around the world that deal with different themes and makes them available to Internet users, preventing them from making unnecessary searches on Google or any other web search engine. In addition, it includes a section of Internet radios. All for free.

How to access

This is the easiest task. Just open the internet browser on your computer or mobile device and type in the address bar.

The only point against this service is the advertising that on certain occasions can appear in the form of pop-up windows or redirection to other web pages. And its support for smart TV web browsers is also missing.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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