PLC adapter: run Wi-Fi through electricity

What is a PLC adapter?

A PLC adapter (acronym for Power Line Communications) is a device that extends the network coverage in your home through the electrical installation, that is, it transforms the electrical circuit into a data network.

It actually consists of a pair of adapters: one that emits the signal and another that receives it.

PCL: signal emission and reception

On the one hand, the emitting device has the function of transporting the internet signal to all corners of the house, places in the house where there are electrical outlets. This device is the one that connects to the router via Ethernet cable and copies the router’s network settings through a simple pairing process.

For its part, the receiving device is installed in any socket in the same home and receives the Internet signal by the simple fact of being plugged into an electrical outlet. It is provided with an Ethernet port for wired connections and repeats the Wi-Fi signal of the router, but with a different SSID network name and its own key, both detailed on the product box.

How to use a PLC adapter with your Smart TV, console or PC

To take better advantage of the functions of a computer, it is essential to provide it with a good Internet connection.

The vast majority of smart TVs and computers have various types of connectivity that includes Wi-Fi and Ethernet, two widely used network standards in consumer electronics that allow them to be integrated into the local network and connected to the Internet with the help of the router.

However, the speed and stability of the connection depends on the type of connectivity and many other factors, including proximity to the router.

If the equipment is close to the router, the ideal is to use the Ethernet connection because it is so easy to connect a network cable. Otherwise, you would have to take the trouble to install cables or choose to use the Wi-Fi connection, but this last method also has a negative side, the interference caused by furniture and walls, without forgetting the floors through which the signal must travel. wireless.

All these inconveniences are solved with the PLC adapters, since the PLC adapter that receives the Internet signal can be installed in the same electrical outlet where the television, console or computer is plugged in and connected with an Ethernet cable to the equipment.

In addition, because this component of the pair is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, it can also provide a wireless signal to other laptops and mobile terminals.

What are the best brands of PLC adapters?

The brands of PLC adapters with the greatest presence worldwide are Dlink, TP Link Siemens, Zyxel, Netgear, Devolo, SMC, AVM, among others.

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